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L&I and Streets Department Urge Precautions Against Falling Ice

PHILADELPHIA – Due to yesterday’s storm and the continuing inclement weather, including fluctuating temperatures and high winds, the Department of Licenses and Inspections and the Streets Department are advising mid-and high rise building owners and managers to monitor their building facades and ledges for ice build-up.  Ice that has melted enough to break free and fall from building surfaces can pose a threat to passersby below.   Building owners are advised to take precautions such as placing barricades and warning signs around potential fall zones.

Earlier today the south footway on Market Street between 12th and 13th Streets was closed to pedestrians because of falling ice. The roadway was closed to all vehicular traffic and SEPTA busses were rerouted.  Currently, L&I inspectors are patrolling parts of Center City and will order sidewalk and/or street closures as necessary.

Given the high moisture content of the latest storm even small pieces of ice can be sufficiently heavy to cause injury to pedestrians. Pedestrians are advised to be cautious and respect any temporary barricades erected on the sidewalk.

To stay informed about inclement weather, sign up for Ready Philadelphia alerts from the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management.